How to Draw Basic, 3D Shapes

he following collection of videos illustrates how to draw a variety of basic, 3D shapes. Learn how to draw, shade, add shadows, and use Photoshop Elements 12 as a drawing tool.

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The “Rule of Thirds” for Writing: Read, Explore, and Write

useful practice I learned from my writing professors (years ago) is to read my way into writing...Only, that bit was just the the first third of the equation.

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Exploring Photography

fter years of planning, writing, second-guessing, and false starts, the Exploring Photography series is ready to go.

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Food Chains/Webs

n this session, we'll place our creation (from Aliens on Earth (Revisited)) in an ecosystem and draw a food web (or food chain) for that system.

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Aliens On Earth (Revisited)

n today's session, we revisit Aliens on Earth and follow up with an additional exploration: Drawing a new plant or animal that could survive/live on Earth.

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Around Here…

round here, we're up to a variety of things, like feeling grateful for the nice weather and the chance to do writing practice outside at the park!

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The Brainstorming Club

’m a huge fan and life-member of The Brainstorming Club. When stumped by a problem, I brainstorm to generate creative ideas.

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A Ripple in Calm Water

ometimes, I imagine that a story begins in the way that ripples do in calm water. An action creates sound—a pebble disrupting the still surface—and meaning spreads outward from there. Each wave reminds me that the impact is additive, too. Sounds shape words, words shape sentences, sentences shape paragraphs, and so on. Visually, it’s a useful metaphor that focuses my attention on the power of words; on how they give form to the story like those concentric rings reshaping the body of water.

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Aliens on Earth!

uncan and I ponder the difference between living and non-living things, develop hypotheses, and evaluate our definition of life to see how it stacks up against reality.

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